Erin Dachtler



Minimalist recipe app.

Allows importing recipes from websites and editing.



A way to easily send notifications to your device upon calling an HTTP endpoint.

Intended to allow IoT devices to easily send notifications.


A service that alerts you whenever a web page goes offline or comes back online. Login is handled without passwords by sending a one-use login token to the provided email address. The user may then enter a list of urls to be monitored, and receive email alerts when their status changes.

The entire site is friendly to browsers that have JavaScript turned off. As a result it also works well with low-powered mobile browsers including Opera Mini.

The server is written in Node and uses the Mailgun API to send emails to users (both for login, and URL status alerts).



A sort of chat room for locations. You'll see yourself on a map along with anyone else in your room.

Play urban tag. Keep track of your team in nerf battles. Find your family members at the fair.

Built using Node on the server side. React/Redux on the client. The Google Maps API provides the map on which locations are displayed. Websockets keep data synced between the server and clients.

Roman's Pizza


Small business website for a local Pizzaria.

Features responsive design for easy viewing on any device.

Online ordering capable.

Embedded datatypes inform search engines of business hours and contact information

Rain App


A simple web app for listening to relaxing sounds including rain, thunder, wind, campfire, and crickets. Intended to be used on mobile devices, it includes a web app manifest for easy installation to the home screen, and a service worker to cache the sound and asset files for offline use. This also ensures that after the initial download, data usage is negligible. A previous version used IndexedDB to store pre-loaded audio.



Serves and plays videos stored in IPFS, and allows direct uploading of videos to the hosting IPFS node.

Runs an in-browser IPFS node. Falls back to the IPFS gateway on unsupported clients.

Pomodoro Clock


Pomodoro clock used to measure time spent on, and organize, tasks.

Made using the Elm language.

Podcast Player


Podcast playing web app that works offline and allows downloading of episodes for offline listening.

Conveniently syncs current place and bookmarks between your devices.